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Ship Tours

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During Fleet Week 2016, more than 10,000 South Florida students, residents and veterans will tour the visiting Navy and Coast Guard ships. Unfortunately, due to security restrictions at Port Everglades, tours must be reserved well in advance and each visitor must undergo security clearance. 


Everyone who successfully registers online for a tour this year will receive a ticket and confirmation letter via email. You must bring a copy of the ticket when entering Port Everglades. Here is additional useful information:

ENTRANCE: It is suggested that you enter Port Everglades from I-595 through the Eller Drive Entrance. Your photo ID (driver’s license or passport) will be checked at this entrance. Please be prepared to show security personnel this letter. It will expedite the process if the driver collects and presents photo ID’s for everyone 18 and over in the same vehicle. Proceed east on Eller Drive (becomes SE 10th Ave) toward Terminal 21 to another check point (US Navy) and show this letter. They will direct you to the parking and/or Terminal 21.

PARKING: There is paid parking in the Mid-Port Parking Garage. ALL cars/vans MUST park in the Mid-Port parking Garage ($6 < 5 hrs) Buses park at Terminal 19 after dropping passengers in front of Terminal 21, as directed by security personel. Buses will also pick-up at Terminal 21.

CHECK - IN: This year, we will again be using one terminal for check-in. All visitors for all ships should proceed to Terminal 21 for check-in. Check-in to your terminal at least 20 minutes prior to the tour. Everyone must go through an airport-style security screening check prior to accessing any ship. It will consist of a walk-through metal detector orwand scan. All bags are subject to search and must be scanned prior to entering the pier area.

IDENTIFICATION: All adults (18 and over) will be required to show a government-issued picture ID.

TOUR ESCORTS (Terminal 21): Proceed to Terminal 21 (circular drive at end of SE 10th Ave.). You will be processed and wait in a “holding” area marked by the ship’s name. Once the entire group has gathered, two sailors will escort the group through the terminal and onto the designated ship.

MISC: Wear comfortable clothing. Pants are suggested for females. Remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. A ship is an industrial environment with steep stairways/ladders, so avoid high-heels, open-toed shoes, and sandals and wear shoes with low, rubberized soles. Also avoid necklaces that can get caught and bags that will impact your ability to climb steep stairs/ladders with both hands.

Please note that the ships are not handicapped accessible - YOU MUST BE IN GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION to navigate the stairs and ladders.

Cameras are permitted.

No smoking onboard any ship or anywhere on the pier.

Souvenirs from the ships will be available for sale (cash only) either on the ship or at a table near the exit. 

Restroom facilities are very limited and available in Terminal 21 after check-in.

After the tour is complete (approximately 30 minutes) guests will be escorted off the ship and to the nearest gate.

Fleet Week 2016 Made Possible by these Generous Sponsors and Partners:


Sponsorship opportunities are still available for Fleet Week 2016. Contact us for more information.